Why i have choicing Koddos web hosting for secure my website

Why i have choicing Koddos web hosting for secure my website

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Why choose a secure web hosting solution? In recent years, the threat to websites has increased considerably. One of the most dangerous forms of threat for a company is the hacking of numbers. Having your data stolen can have very serious consequences. In addition to the hacking of the numbers itself, the intrusion of a third party into the computer system can also cause the destruction of the system, the loss of the numbers, the loss of control of the site, etc.

While private as well as smaller and medium-sized companies have been using external resources for some time, there is a trend towards the outsourcing of server infrastructure to larger companies. Indeed, designing one’s own web hosting infrastructure is expensive and different service providers offer attractive packages.

Novices and experts alike are faced with a difficult choice of hosters regarding the allocated web space, renting a server management service or owning control, or opting for a flexible cloud solution. Linux or windows: what to choose? Many platforms offer simple and secure hosting that the Internet user can use without special knowledge. However, it is not always easy to choose between these two modes.

What are the advantages of each and their limitations? Linux of course.

Hosting provider!

The registrar of the domain name first thing to understand, and frequent source of errors: the registrar of the domain name (also called registrar) is not necessarily the host of the site. The registrar is the company that registered the domain name. Then, the holder of this domain name chooses a host.

The security of web sites is always up to date. Threats and attacks on websites are increasing considerably. Whatever your activity, you can be targeted. Owner of a small website or a blog, you may believe that you don’t have to worry about your website by pretending that your activity or the content of the site does not interest the hacker.

It will therefore surprise you to learn that this is absolutely false. Whatever the content of your website, you are always at risk. Many hackers are interested in a website, not to steal numbers or to corrupt the portal, but rather to use it for a more serious purpose. This may include using the website server to send a mass of spam, distribute illegal files, or even to extract bitcoin.

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