Discover the best tools online for create of mind map ?

Discover the best tools online for create of mind map ?

A mind map, cognitive map, mind map, idea map1 , is a diagram, supposed to reflect the functioning of opinion, which allows to visually represent and to follow the associative path of opinion.

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The Anglo-Saxon term mind map is also often used in French. It highlights the relationship that exists between a concept or an idea and the data associated with it.

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A colorful and attractive graphical representation A mind map, also called mindmap, topogram or mind map, is a graph representing ideas, tasks, words, concepts that are linked together around a central topic. The subject or theme of the mind map is symbolized by a central representation.

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The subject of attention is crystallized in a central representation. Using the image allows the use of a massive range of cortical faculties: color, shape, line, dimension, texture, visual rhythm and especially imagination, which has the advantage of obtaining a mental reference.

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